Ladies Monday Night Bible Study

LADIES MONDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY will not meet in December. Join us on January 8 at 6:30 pm to discuss chapter 8 from “The Case for Miracles” by Lee Strobel. Question? Contact Mindy Braun at 608-792-9238. 

What can we learn from a skeptic?
The following was submitted by Mindy Braun regarding the “Ladies Monday Night Bible Group” discussion on June 10

 The Ladies Monday Night Bible group continued with chapters 1 and 2 in the book “The Case for Miracles” by Lee Strobel. In these chapters, a self-described skeptic is interviewed about his journey from non-believer to believer to skeptic. Doubt crept in as he lost touch with his fellow believers and pursued other interests. Science became his approach to miraculous claims; requiring copious amounts of documented, measurable, scientific evidence. He described a time when he prayed for a miraculous healing for his friend, but God did not answer his prayer in the way he wanted. After this experience, his faith disappeared. His logic:  there was no miracle—there is no God—stuff just randomly happens. 

This skeptic provides arguments against miracles and the existence of God. The author will respond in subsequent chapters with compelling evidence for God’s divine intervention in our lives. But first, what can we learn from this person’s journey into skepticism?

 There was discussion about how the skeptic’s journey seemed to fit the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-20) where the seed did not flourish. We must then ask ourselves if we spend time preparing our hearts to receive and believe God’s word, so that our faith flourishes and sustains us. Spend time in Scripture, for it tells us: that faith is needed to please God (Hebrews 11:6), that righteousness comes from God through faith in Christ to all who believe (Romans 3:22), that God is attentive to the prayers of the righteous (1Peter 3:12), and, as fellow believers, we are to encourage one another to remain firm in Christ till the end (Hebrews 3:13-14).

 We considered Scripture’s story of Peter’s miraculous rescue from prison (Acts 12:5-17). The church prayed earnestly to God for Peter. What did they have? Fellowship to encourage each other and faith to pray. There was really nothing else they could do but pray and trust God to care for Peter.  Were they asking for a specific outcome and proof that their prayer was answered? No. Did God hear their prayer and provide proof?  Yes indeed! They were astonished to see Peter standing at their door. Praise God!

 In August we study what this skeptic thinks about the miracles of creation and Jesus’ resurrection, as well as how he views life after death.


SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT—”Have You Experienced a Miracle?”
The following was submitted by Mindy Braun regarding the “Ladies Monday Night Bible Group” discussion on June 5

Are you skeptical about the idea of God’s divine intervention in our lives today?  Do you know how to define a miracle—or why God performs miracles? Can miracles and science coexist? Perhaps you have experienced something wondrous and are asking yourself whether it was a miracle, or a coincidence?  All good questions!

Ladies Monday Night Bible group started a new study: The Case for Miracles by Lee Strobel, accompanied by miracles from Scripture. The author investigates whether miracles occur  today through interviews and documented accounts. We paired that information with Scripture and shared our own experiences. This study promises to be a faith building experience. 

So far, this is what we’ve learned. The book’s Introduction gave accounts of miracles in current times. Then, Scripture tells us that miraculous powers is one of the spiritual gifts given through the Holy Spirit (1Cor 12:7-11). When Jesus performed His first miraculous sign, “He thus revealed His glory, and His disciples put their faith in Him” (John 2:11). Scripture records many miracles performed by Jesus and His disciples. Why? So that we “may believe that Jesus is the Christ…and that by believing we may have life in His name” (John 20:30).

So, a miracle is an action that cannot be explained by natural means.  An act of God as evidence of His power and purpose.

 Well then, what is a coincidence where it feels like God’s hand is in the details, working for our benefit? Per the book author, this is “God at work through routine processes”. Or, “Divine action hidden in plain sight amid the ordinary course of events”. This action may be less grand, but our group agreed that we nevertheless feel God’s love and protection.

On July 10 at 6:30 pm we’ll discuss what a skeptic might think. Please join us as we explore more about miracles!


Sunday Adult Bible Study

Join Pastor Baumgarn for Adult Bible Study as he leads the discussion on “Life at its Best—Living Wisely in an Unwise World” by Ronald and Phyllis Chewing. 

Through this study you will  learn that happiness, purpose and hope are not found in the empty promises of the world, but rather through Jesus Christ who has given you the ability to live life at its best .