Education Hour for grades Pre-K through 12 grade meets each Sunday morning at 9:15 am.

For Pre-K through 8th grade activities click HERE.

Click HERE for information on 9th - 12th grade Bible studies and activities.

Committee members:
Karen and John Gardner

Sunday/Special Events Children’s Coordinator: Hanni Cowley

Children/Youth Music Coordinator:
Alayna Matthews

The purpose of the Board of Education ministry is to oversee all aspects of the educational needs (youth to adult) at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.

Goals for the 2022-23 School year include:

  1. Support the proposal by the elders to add a pastoral support person.
  2. Use new TVs to assess LCMS and other educational sites in classrooms and provide educational opportunities to reach, equip and serve our teachers and students.
  3. Reach out to other LSMS pastors in the area and SOTH boards to share information on special events and youth activities.
  4. Provide information to church families about Christian schools in the area and fund scholarships.
  5. Continue to explore adding grades to our pre-school program.
  6. Use church media and resources (newsletter, face book, website, mailings) to decimate information about special events to our church members and to the community at large (e. g. Easter egg hunt, VBS).
  7. Support opportunities for congregates to grow in the faith (e. g. bible studies, retreats).
  8. Increase opportunities for youth to participate in church activities such as music, bible study and fellowship events.
  9. Assist library committee in purchasing books, DVDs and other educational materials and help maintain the library.