What does it mean to be a member of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and Preschool?

First and foremost, we are Believers in the one true God, who created heaven and earth. We believe God's Son, Jesus Christ loved us so much that He came to earth as a human to live a perfect life, to suffer and die in our stead, winning for all who believe the gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven. And we believe in the Holy Spirit, who brings us to faith and empowers us to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ. 

The incredible love of Jesus leads us to respond with love for Him, fellow Christians and those who do not yet know Jesus.


  • Being a church that loves and cares for others
    As Jesus himself demonstrated, we strive to show compassion to all others, regardless of background or life circumstances.
  • Trusting in the Lord and the power of prayer
    We pray with confidence and seek God's guidance in all things through individual and group prayer.
  • Reaching out to others and witnessing about His great love for us
    We build supportive, loving, Christian relationships that lead to unity within the church, outreach to the community and the mission field at large.
  • Welcoming all people
    Just as we welcome friends and neighbors into our homes, we welcome others into our church home.
  • Regular worship
    We grow in faith through worship and hearing God's perfect Word
  • Continuous study of God's Word 
    We offer Bible studies to equip all members to share the Gospel in our everyday lives by what we say and how we live. And, when we study God's Word, our faith deepens as we are brought closer to our Lord. 
  • The power of confession and forgiveness
    Our sinful nature sometimes causes us to become prideful and unintentionally hurt others. In brotherly love, we know we are forgiven in Christ and therefore we can forgive others. 
  • Being a family of Christians who are unified in our desire to build God's kingdom
    We are all on one team, working together to build God's kingdom while united in battling a formidable enemy. 
  • Fellowshipping with each other 
    We value Fellowship as a way to build deeper relationships with each other and encourage a sense of “church family.” And as Christians, we need to be together, sharing our joys and helping others bear their sorrows
  • Compassionately serving the needs of others
    As servers, we place continuous emphasis on demonstrating Christ's love. We adopt outreach service projects that unite members and draw participation from the whole church body.
  • Being closely connected to the community
    We eagerly serve our community in various ways to demonstrate our love for others.
  • Actively communicating these attributes through every means possible, especially through our personal relationships with others

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