Sundays 10:30 – 11:30 am

Classes available for preschool through eighth grade. High school students (ninth through twelfth grade) are invited to meet in the youth room for topical discussions with a Biblical response.

Dear SOTH Sunday school-aged families,

Knowing the health concern that COVID-19 has posed to our entire nation and world,  we realize that many of our families will not feel comfortable attending church for the next few weeks.  Therefore, our church will mail Sunday school materials to your home, so that your students will still be able to have Sunday school within your own walls.  We encourage you to use these lessons, along with the Lenten calendar as resources to strengthen the faith of each of your family members.  We will continue to stay tuned to national and international developments and encourage you to join us in prayer as this illness continues.

May “the LORD bless you and keep you . . . . and give you His peace.”

(Numbers 6:24-26).

Love in Christ!

Karen Gardner & Jeanette Baumgarn

04/19/20 Lesson 12:  Jesus’ Burial and Resurrection–Matt. 27:51-60; Mark 15:42-45; 16:1-3, 6-8; Luke 23:47-52, 55, 56; 24:2-8; John 19:31-42

04/26/20 Lesson 13:  Jesus Ascends Into Heaven–Mark 16:19; Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:1-12

05/03/20 Lesson 4:  The Parable of the Farmer and the Seed–Matt.13:3-9; 18-23

05/10/20 Lesson 5:  Jesus Calms the Storm–Matt. 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41

05/17/20 Lesson 6:  The Daughter of Jairus–Mark 5:22-24,35-43

05/24/20 Lesson 7: Jesus and the Cananite Woman–Matt. 15:21-28

05/31/20 Lesson 8: The Parable of a Father’s Great Love–Luke 15:11-32

06/07/20 Lesson 9: The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard–Matt.20:1-16


Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks–Jesus Teaches Us To Pray